MicroStrategy’s Acquisition of MSCI and Crypto Enters the Mainstream

MicroStrategy’s inclusion in the MSCI World Stock Index brings attention to the significance of cryptocurrency. The performance of MSTR stock surpasses that of Bitcoin, which is regarded as a proxy for Bitcoin.

The widely-known cryptocurrency investment firm MicroStrategy is now a part of the MSCI World Stock Index. This change shows how crypto is becoming a regular part of people’s standard investing portfolios.

Everyone knows that MicroStrategy is a big believer in Bitcoin. The company’s decision to purchase Bitcoin with a significant amount of its financial reserves made news throughout the epidemic. They bought 214,400 BTC at an average price of $35,180 each.

The inclusion of this comes as MicroStrategy stock (MSTR) is experiencing a fantastic year. Its price has tripled since last year, far outpacing Bitcoin’s remarkable climb. During Bitcoin’s peak earlier this year, MSTR stock likewise saw a leap to new highs. Nevertheless, MSTR’s price fell more than 30% due to a recent market slump that prompted a retreat.

Prior to the introduction of spot Bitcoin ETFs this year, many investors saw MicroStrategy stock as a means to indirectly own Bitcoin. When it comes to providing Bitcoin exposure via the stock market, MicroStrategy may face competition from these new investment vehicles. On top of that, there are analysts who have gone short on the company because they think it’s too expensive right now.

Regardless of these reservations, the general opinion among analysts is still good. There is still room for growth in the market for MSTR, as the average 12-month price objective is approximately 30% higher than where it is now. Joining the MSCI index solidifies the company’s standing in the stock and cryptocurrency markets, where digital assets are merging with conventional ones.

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