MicroStrategy has added 1,914 bitcoins to its holdings

With less than a day remaining in the year, MicroStrategy announced the acquisition of another batch of bitcoin.

MicroStrategy, an information technology services business, is continuing its policy of adding bitcoin (BTC) to its balance sheet. With just hours remaining in the year, business CEO Michael Saylor revealed another acquisition of the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization on Twitter. This time, MicroStrategy acquired 1,914 bitcoins for roughly $94.2 million in cash between December 9th and December 29th, at an average price of around $49,229 per bitcoin.

Given that the price of bitcoin is now hovering around $47,500, this specific purchasing binge is futile for the time being.

The business presently owns 124,392 bitcoin.

MicroStrategy possesses roughly 124,391 bitcoins as of December 29th, 2021, according to the released Form 8-K. These bitcoins were bought for an aggregate purchase price of $3.75 billion and an average purchase price of about $30,159 per bitcoin. This equates to a profit of nearly $2.16 billion for MicroStrategy on its bitcoin holdings.

MicroStrategy currently owns nearly 0.6 percent of all theoretical bitcoin, if the maximum quantity of bitcoin is 21 million. Taking into account a loss of around three million bitcoin due to lost wallets, the corporation presently owns approximately 0.7 percent of all bitcoin that will ever be accessible, or nearly 1% of all bitcoin currently in circulation.

MicroStrategy continues to acquire bitcoin at a steady pace; only three weeks ago, the business purchased 1,434 bitcoin at an average price of $57,477 per coin. Prior to that, on November 29th, MicroStrategy acquired an additional 7,002 BTC for $414.4 million in cash at an average price of around $59,187 per BTC.

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