MicroStrategy develops Lightning Network SaaS platform

As the company hunts for a bitcoin lightning developer, MicroStrategy seems to be pushing beyond just owning bitcoin.

An ad indicates that the software firm is seeking an engineer to develop a sales-as-a-service (SaaS) platform using Lightning Network. In addition to providing organizations with “creative solutions to cyber-security concerns,” the platform aims to allow new eCommerce applications for the Lightning Network.

According to The Block’s data dashboard, the Lightning Network is a Layer 2 protocol that seeks to offer an accessible method for users to participate in off-chain payments rapidly. Lightning is based on the concept of payment channels, which enables two parties to lock on-chain cash in the channel while transacting without sending their transactions to the blockchain.

The network is being used by platforms such as Strike, which just secured $80 million in Series B investment and Jack Dorsey’s Cash App.

Michael Saylor, co-founder and former CEO of MicroStrategy, assumed the position of executive chairman in August to concentrate on bitcoin advocacy. Since then, MicroStrategy has acquired $6 million worth of bitcoin, increasing its total holdings to around 130,000 BTC.

According to the ad, the firm has two candidates on LinkedIn now. MicroStrategy did not immediately reply to The Block’s request for comment.

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