MicroStrategy denies getting a margin call on a BTC-backed loan worth $205 million

MicroStrategy asserts that it has a substantial quantity of unpledged BTC, which it may utilise to maintain the necessary loan-to-value ratio.

Reuters reported that business analytics firm MicroStrategy has not received a margin call on the $205 million Bitcoin (BTC)-backed loan it obtained in March.

MicroStrategy obtained financing from Silvergate Capital using 19,466 Bitcoin as security. Phong Le, president of MicroStrategy, said in a May webinar that a BTC decline above $21,000 would prompt a margin call.

A margin call is a circumstance in which an investor, in this instance MicroStrategy, is required to commit more assets to avert losses on a deal executed using borrowed money.

BTC traded as low as $20,816.36 on Tuesday, momentarily falling below $21,000, before recovering and completing the day around $22,000. Despite the fact that BTC briefly surpassed $21,000, investors were fearful that MicroStrategy would have to sell a portion of its BTC holdings or liquidate the loan’s collateral if it received a margin call.

At the time of writing, BTC is trading at $20,590.69 following a 24-hour decline of 9.69 percent. This price decline revives concerns that the company’s BTC-collateralized loan would result in a margin call.

MicroStrategy is resilient to Bitcoin’s volatility

MicroStrategy sent an email to Reuters assuring investors of their ability to withstand Bitcoin’s volatility. Additional bitcoins may always be contributed to maintaining the appropriate loan-to-value ratio. Even at current prices, we continue to own more than enough extra unpledged bitcoins to satisfy the loan agreement’s criteria.

Michael Saylor, the CEO of MicroStrategy, came to Twitter yesterday to reassure investors that the company’s BTC strategy can withstand the test of time.

Saylor observed: Prior to this, the BTC maximalist said that MicroStrategy must provide $410 million as loan collateral. He said that the organisation may provide 115,109 BTC for this purpose. Saylor said that MicroStrategy may post further collateral if the price of Bitcoin fell below $3,562.

Saylor remains positive despite BTC’s terrible performance

While this week has been devastating for the BTC community, Saylor’s opinion on BTC has remained unchanged. On Monday, when bitcoin markets disintegrated, the MicroStrategy CEO tweeted:

In addition to its BTC holdings, MicroStrategy’s MSTR stock has suffered a big hit. Monday’s premarket trading saw a 28 percent decline for MSTR, the greatest dip since 2017’s premarket trade. The share price is 71.90 percent down year-to-date.

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