Microsoft Executive Says Metaverse Is Required

The IT giant plans to change the consumer experience at CES 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada and thinks the future will be built on a hybrid model.

LAS VEGAS, NV — Microsoft (MSFT) is clinging to its future in the metaverse with both hands. Henry Bzeih, Microsoft’s Chief Strategy Officer, said live from CES 2023 on CoinDesk TV’s “All About Bitcoin” that as the world advances towards a more digital environment, a hybrid model is likely to be the future of consumer and business partnerships.

“When discussing the whole customer experience, the metaverse must be included,” said Bzeih, who has 28 years of experience in the automotive and technology industries.

As one of the most major tech events of the year, CES is renowned for laying the groundwork for some of the most significant impending developments.

Microsoft’s current priority, according to Bzeih, is “mobility cross-functionality” in order to revolutionize how consumers utilize shopping platforms.

As an example, he cited the manner in which customers purchase cars nowadays. Instead of travelling to a local dealership, users will be able to “configure the colors, features, and functionalities” of a car through the metaverse, according to Bzeih. He pointed to the Fiat 500e shown in Microsoft’s virtual car dealership. According to him, Microsoft’s cooperation with metaverse business Touchcast to spearhead the data development of the Fiat model is a “logical evolution.”

However, challenges remain, such as getting metaverse-enabled automobiles to the U.S. market. Bzeih said that the procedure may be challenging due to the necessity to accommodate the views of independent franchise owners, who often find the metaverse confusing.

According to him, the answer may be a hybrid approach that assures firms that the “millions of dollars” they’ve spent in physical locations would not evaporate. “It makes no sense for them to walk away from that and miss out on the whole experience,” Bzeih remarked.

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