‘Horizon VR’ Vice President Vivek Sharma is leaving Meta after six years

Vishal Shah, Meta’s Vice President of the Metaverse, will now get direct feedback from the Horizon team.

According to a story published by CNBC on Friday, citing a statement from a business spokeswoman, Vivek Sharma, who served as vice president of the Horizon social network virtual reality (VR) platform, would be departing the firm.

Sharma has been working with Meta in a variety of capacities for the last six years. According to the article, Sharma was in charge of supervising many virtual reality initiatives, such as the Horizon Worlds social networking service, Horizon Workrooms, and the Horizon Venues app.

According to CNBC, the Horizon team will now report directly to Vishal Shah, who serves as Vice President of Meta’s Metaverse.

In its financial report for the second quarter, which was released a month ago, Meta reported revenues of $28.8 billion and profits per share of $2.46, both of which were lower than the projections.

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