Mastercard and Polygon’s (MATIC) Web3 Incubator are Official Partners

The new Web3 incubator will provide an exceptional opportunity for future generations of digital innovators. Once again, Polygon Network (MATIC) becomes the technical partner in a significant partnership.

According to a statement by Polygon Studios CEO Ryan Wyatt, his platform has secured a collaboration with Mastercard, a prominent payment processor and card system operator.

The partnership between the two teams will accelerate the development of the Web3 incubator, which was unveiled at CES 2023 on Friday, January 6.

Mastercard’s Web3 incubator is expected to empower Web3 artists with the option to engage with their fan groups in an entirely new manner. Consequently, creators will be able to maximize their earnings and promote new popular items.

Raja Rajamannar, chief marketing and communications officer at Mastercard, underlined that Mastercard would also give incubees marketing and technical consultancy help, TechCrunch says:

Core to this curriculum is equipping up-and-coming musicians with the web3 tools and abilities necessary to flourish and expand their careers in the digital economy. The artists will be instructed on how to integrate web3 into their work for the duration of the program and beyond via access to experts and pioneers in the field.

The participants at Mastercard’s Web3 incubator will be instructed on how to mint and offer their content as NFTs, establish vast and enthusiastic communities, represent themselves in the digital world and so on.

The Polygon (MATIC) platform was selected as the technical partner for the new initiative because of its exceptional scalability and history of working with prominent Web3 businesses.

As previously reported by U.Today, Polygon (MATIC) joined Disney Accelerator, a worldwide business development program of the media giant, in July 2022.

Mastercard reinforces its commitment to expanding its impact in the Web3 category by joining Polygon. Previously, the team held the first Grammy event in the purpose-built metaverse using Roblox.

In October 2022, it also launched a cryptocurrency program for institutions in partnership with Web3 payment processor Paxos Global.

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