LG Electronics’ most recent collaboration aims to deliver interoperable metaverse platforms to televisions

The alliance intends to bring the metaverse into viewers’ living rooms.

LG Electronics announced a partnership with cloud-based technology platforms Oorbit and Pixelynx, a firm developing an integrated music, gaming, and Web3 environment, to bring the metaverse right into viewers’ living rooms.

Through their LG televisions, viewers will be able to explore linked virtual worlds, virtual concerts, and artificial intelligence multiplayer games, making it simpler for customers to participate in the metaverse.

Users will have access to “ultra high quality linked virtual worlds” and activities like as virtual concerts and AI-generative multiplayer games, according to a press statement given to Cointelegraph on January 4.

Co-founder and chief technical officer of Oorbit, Pooya Koosha, shared: “Our patented technology is the backbone that enables developers and companies to easily put their experiences into the metaverse by bridging disparate virtual worlds. The next step in making the metaverse available to everybody is to scale our technology for millions of LG TV consumers.

Cointelegraph announced in December 2022 that Animoca Brands, a digital entertainment, blockchain, and gamification startup, has acquired a controlling share in Los Angeles-based Pixelynx.

LG Electronics modified its business growth objectives in March 2022 to incorporate crypto and blockchain-based applications. During its annual general meeting, LG reportedly introduced two unique crypto-related objectives: “the development and distribution of blockchain-based technologies” and “the sale and brokerage of cryptocurrencies.”

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