Legal tech startup raises $26 million in Series B for AI contract automation

Temasek, well-known for its AI-powered contract drafting tool linked with Microsoft Word, leads a $26 million Series B investment in legal software firm Robin AI.

The legal tech startup Robin AI, co-founded in 2019 by Clifford Chance lawyer Richard Robinson and Imperial College machine learning researcher James Clough, has raised $26 million in Series B funding, with the top investor being Temasek, a renowned Singaporean global investment firm.

Robin AI’s goal is to use AI to transform the legal sector, and it has been making great strides in this area. The firm is prepared to further its commitment to innovation in the legal tech area with this substantial investment increase.

The main offering from Robin AI is an add-on for Microsoft Word that uses generative AI to simplify and quicken the process of creating and negotiating contracts. This modern program provides lawyers with an effective means of automating routine but time-consuming processes related to contract administration.

Robin AI’s technology has a powerful search function, along with the ability to design and negotiate contracts. Legal document administration is made easier with this functionality, which allows users to quickly retrieve important information from contract repositories.

Robin AI’s hybrid model efficiently processes contracts by combining private contract data with the Claude LLM (Language Model). The in-house team of legal experts at Robin AI painstakingly fine-tunes the algorithm to guarantee the highest level of accuracy.

CEO Richard Robinson exclaimed with elation regarding the company’s trajectory, “Our seemingly most intelligent AI contract copilot has garnered tremendous customer interest. However, it is only the start. We are developing an artificial intelligence platform specifically for the legal industry. This platform will assist individuals with all aspects of the legal function, including contract preparation, case law research, and the explanation of legal ideas. More individuals will be able to afford legal representation, and the playing field will be more equal between large and small companies. With your contribution, we will be able to bring this idea to reality.”

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