JPMorgan Chase Denies Refund After Imposter Steals $30,000 With Fake ID

JPMorgan Chase has told a client to stick it out after giving tens of thousands of dollars to a fraudster using a fake ID.

According to WSB-TV in Atlanta, Georgia, Justin Lee claims he lost $30,000 when a guy using a fake ID and social security number strolled into a Chase branch and persuaded the bank to give over the money.

Lee has spent the better part of a year trying to recover his money after the event. Brown claims his department is actively working to get Chase to act ethically towards the client.

“We have written to the financial institutions. We’ve tried to engage them and prodded them forward. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that they’ll agree to sit down and work things out.”

Lee claims that Chase has done nothing to help and that the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, which is supposed to aid depositors in the case of a bank failure, will not help him either.

Any financial damage incurred due to fraud or theft is not covered by the agency. However, the rules do not apply to clients who permit fraudsters to withdraw funds from their accounts.

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