Joe Rogan thinks FTX misled consumers for $10 billion

Joe Rogan, an American podcast presenter, has criticized former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) once again, challenging his capacity to lead the now-defunct cryptocurrency exchange.

During a November 29 episode of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Rogan said SBF deceived the majority of the exchange’s investors, implying that the exchange’s founder was not serious about operating the business.

The analyst seems to concur with the premise that SBF had a backdoor in FTX via which he drained over $10 billion from the exchange.

However, as revealed by Finbold in his first-ever audio interview, SBF insisted that he had no access to the system’s backdoor. He emphasised that his engagement with the FTX exchange was based on the user interface.

Rogan suggested further that SBF may have stolen all of his coins and lacked the resources to compensate him, resulting in losses.

During the podcast, Rogan, a UFC commentator, also discussed the alleged drug usage by SBF. He welcomed comedian Kurt Metzger. Rogan believes that combining drugs with work is not a prescription for success.

In addition, he questioned SBF’s ability to handle such a large sum of money, citing an internet article headlined “Crypto’s largest collapse showed a man playing League of Legends while attracting investors.”

So, he was playing this game while speaking with the investors, he stated. Notable is the fact that since FTX’s demise, SBF has provided many interviews in an effort to explain the situation while an $11 billion class action hovers over his head.

Rogan has previously referred to the FTX issue as “strange,” as reported by Finbold, with SBF facing many claims of suspected malfeasance.

However, Bankman-Fried insisted that the collapse was the result of what he dubbed a “huge correlation of items during free market movements.”

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