Human Rights Foundation is offering a 20 BTC bounty for network improvements

In addition, in December 2021, the foundation issued a 3 BTC incentive for improvements to the security and convenience of Bitcoin Lightning wallets.

Ten distinct 2 BTC bounties have been offered by the Human Rights Foundation in an attempt to streamline and secure Bitcoin and the Lightning Network.

The Human Rights Foundation (HRF) has said on its website that further rewards may be offered in the future, bringing the total to 20 BTC.

This fits in well with the group’s mission to weaken dictatorship. Some estimates put the percentage of people who live under free, democratic regimes at less than 20% of the global total. The Human Rights Foundation (HRF) sees Bitcoin as a potential solution to the problem of the government having too much power over the flow of money, which is essential for the survival of every member of society.

Bitcoin also enables journalists, human rights defenders, and dissidents to keep receiving contributions “even if their banking and fintech apps are paralysed” by oppressive governments, according to HRF Chief Strategy Officer Alex Gladstein.

According to HRF, all applications for the 10 Bitcoin challenges will be shared with “external industry experts” for validation.

The HRF will accept applications for the bounties until December 31, 2024, so there is plenty of time to get them in. Unclaimed rewards will be added to the HRF’s Bitcoin Development Fund, a contribution pool set to expire in 2020 if not claimed.

Internet privacy and user agency are at the heart of the first two obstacles. The first is to release the Bitcoin user interface kit as open source on Penpot. The fact that the UI kit can only be downloaded in the proprietary Figma file format is an issue for most users. The use of Penpot costs nothing.

The second difficulty is installing a version 2 payjoin protocol that is ready for production and can transmit and receive Payjoin transactions without requiring the use of a public server by either side.

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