Hedera blockchain is experiencing technical issues, according to the HBAR Foundation

The HBAR Foundation, the non-profit organization behind the Hedera blockchain, noted inconsistencies.

According to the HBAR Foundation, The Hedera blockchain is affected by network irregularities in the group behind the Hedera blockchain.

Hashport, a bridge project, said it has temporarily suspended services owing to the smart contract inconsistencies on Hedera. Pangolin, a decentralized exchange inside the Hedera ecosystem, encouraged customers to remove their funds from the site.

“Due to certain Hedera network issues, Hashport has suspended its bridge, and we advise anybody having HTS tokens in Pangolin Pools and Farms to withdraw them as soon as possible. This is a time-sensitive situation, therefore we will provide an update as soon as we obtain more information “Pangolin stated in a tweet.

The HBAR Foundation said it collaborates with impacted partners and monitors the situation to remedy the problem.

SaucerSwap Labs, a DeFi project on Hedera, said an active exploit may be harming the network now. According to SaucerSwap, the vulnerability targets the recompilation process in smart contracts.

The HBAR Foundation did not react quickly to a request for comment on the potential for an exploit. SaucerSwap also reported that an unidentified attacker had targeted Pangolin and HeliSwap decentralized exchange pools holding wrapped assets, but it could not confirm whether any tokens had been taken.

“This morning, an ongoing exploit compromised the Hedera network. The vulnerability targets the decomplication process of smart contracts. At the time of writing, attackers have targeted Pangolin and HeliSwap asset pools that are bundled,” SaucerSwap noticed.

In the context of smart contracts, decompiling is the process of turning bytecode back to its original, human-readable form. Decompiling may be used to evaluate and comprehend a smart contract’s behavior. But, bad actors may exploit it to obtain unauthorized access or alter the smart contract. Nevertheless, the actual nature of the claimed exploit is yet unknown.

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