Harmony provides a $1,000,000 reward for the return of stolen money

Harmony Protocol, a proof-of-stake (PoS) blockchain, issued a tweet today offering a $1 million reward for the restoration of $100 million in cryptocurrency stolen in a compromise of its Ethereum-linked Horizon bridge on Thursday, as well as for information about how the theft occurred.

The corporation stated that if the monies were returned, it would “argue for no criminal prosecution.” Stephen Tse, the creator, and CEO of Harmony Protocol tweeted that there was no proof of a smart contract code leak. No vulnerabilities were identified on the Horizon platform. Our blockchain’s consensus layer is safe.”

While the Harmony team continues their investigation, security professionals provided insight into the intrusion on Friday. According to Polygon’s chief information security officer, Mudit Gupta, the culprit compromised two private addresses and syphoned the cash from a multi-signature wallet used to install the Harmony bridge.

Today, Tse said that his team has discovered evidence that private keys had been hacked, resulting in the breach of the Horizon bridge.

While the investigation is underway, Harmony will “continue to strengthen the security of our operations and infrastructure,” he said.

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