Half a billion SHIB are stuck in dead wallets

In April Shiba Inu developed a burning gateway enabling holders to permanently destroy their tokens. This was done in an effort to reduce the amount of cryptocurrency in circulation while simultaneously allowing users to earn a passive income. There have been over a billion of these tokens in circulation since then.

More than 1.4 billion tokens were burned in more than 160 transactions only a week ago. At press time, the action continued to gain attention.

Almost half a billion meme coins were burned or destroyed by the community, according to the Shibburn crypto monitoring website. A total of 405,282,493 meme tokens from the circulating supply were delivered to dead wallets by the community. Thus, letting the circulating supply diminish more. The graph below shows an approximately 100 percent increase in burn rate.

Basically, they want to enhance the scarcity of Shiba Inus, which might lead to a rise in their price in the long run. Over the course of one week, the site registered a loss of 25 billion SHIB.

This burn feature is simply the user’s decision, and it does nothing more than demonstrating their desire to make SHIB a sustainable and valued currency.

For the same reason, a number of prominent customers moved the flagship token. The largest single transfer of 112,462,000 SHIB, was place from the 0x28a121e4732d7cc5972b16e48590103b2574f806 address roughly 12 hours ago.

Whalestats also showed that the whales were aggressively acquiring tokens. Increased Shiba Inu contract use has made it one of the most often utilised Ethereum smart contracts in big wallets, as a consequence of this. In the week of May 7th, a new purchase was made.

Furthermore, throughout the course of the previous week, over 160 transactions used over 1.4 billion tokens.

Well, the meme currency did get some attention from those outsides of the crypto community. In the near future, some places in North America may take Shiba Inu and other cryptocurrencies, as reported by Vogue Business.

However, the stagnant price wasn’t helped by these events. At the time of this writing, SHIB was trading at a price of $0.000018. There’s no avoiding the fact that SHIB is still waiting for important events that might improve its price movement.

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