Hacker wants 10 bitcoin for allegedly stolen Chinese data

According to reports, hackers obtained the personal information of over one billion Chinese residents.

In the wake of a cyberattack that purportedly attacked the database of the Shanghai National Police, hackers are peddling the personal information of Chinese residents (SHGA).

The security breach, which happened in 2022, exposed the personal information of more than one billion Chinese residents. The information is now available for purchase on both the open and dark web. It contains names, residences, government ID numbers, mobile phone numbers, and more sensitive information.

ChinaDan, an unknown hacker, claims to be willing to sell the stolen material for 10 bitcoins ($200,000). ChinaDan made the offer on Breached.to, a community for black-hat hackers.

In a Twitter post over the weekend, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao said that the exchange’s threat intelligence systems noticed that 1 billion resident data from “one Asian nation” were being sold on the dark web. The exchange asserts that it has increased its verification procedures for people impacted by the security issue.

Zhao noted that the breach may have been caused by a flawed implementation of ElasticSearch, a prominent enterprise-level search and data analytics engine.

Kenny Li, a co-founder of Manta Network, a web3 privacy project, told The Block that the leak may have ramifications for the crypto sector. “The stolen information might be used to abuse individuals and conduct phishing attacks to acquire keys or get unauthorised access to apps such as centralised exchanges,” Li added.

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