Google Cloud’s BigQuery Analytics Solution Now Works With 11 Blockchains

The BigQuery data analytics service on Google Cloud now supports 11 more blockchains.

Google’s cloud division’s BigQuery data analytics service now works with eleven new blockchains. Polygon Mumbai and Ethereum Goerli are two examples of test networks. Others are Avalanche, Arbitrum, Cronos, Fantom, Near, Optimism, Polkadot, Polygon, and Tron.

Google Cloud says that advanced on-chain inquiries are now possible, such as counting newly created NFTs and comparing transaction costs across different blockchains. End-user apps like Looker and Google Sheets may be integrated as well.

With the goal of providing developers with on-chain data from cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, Google Cloud debuted its blockchain data services in BigQuery in 2018.

The next year, it expanded its compatibility with six other blockchains, including Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Dogecoin, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, and Zcash. The current number of available networks is 19, thanks to the recent inclusion of 11 more chains.

Google Cloud supports many blockchains, including Ethereum, Solana, and Aptos, and offers web3 infrastructure services including node hosting and validator operation management, in addition to BigQuery.

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