Gig workers continue to invest in cryptocurrency despite the current market

Despite frigid pricing, according to a recent poll, half of the gig workers prefer receiving a part of their compensation in cryptocurrency.

The latest poll by digital asset management company Bakkt reveals that fifty percent of gig workers are comfortable receiving a portion of their compensation in cryptocurrency. Thirty-eight percent would contemplate receiving their whole paycheck in digital assets.

Nicolas Cabrera, chief product officer at Bakkt, remarked on the poll findings highlighting crypto’s attractiveness among gig workers.

“While this group might benefit from a greater grasp of how crypto can be utilised, rideshare drivers, food delivery drivers, and other gig workers mention crypto as the future generation of money and are attracted to the possibility of an increase in their compensation.”

The report surveyed 1,018 gig workers from around the United States between June and July 2022. The questions targeted to disclose the participants’ crypto adoption, attitudes, and views on crypto-based payments.

Crypto inclination

Sixty-two percent of freelance employees (writers, developers, designers, etc.) are the most likely to accept a percentage of their compensation in cryptocurrency, compared to the other 50 percent of respondents. Following them are rideshare drivers (52 percent) and supermarket shoppers (55 percent ).

The participant’s responses to the question on the percentage of pay provided in cryptocurrency varied. 31 percent of gig workers would prefer to receive less than 20 percent of their salary in cryptocurrency. 34% claimed they would be OK with 20-40%, while 21% would like to get 40-60% of their salary in cryptocurrency.

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