FTX hacker transferred over $200 million in ETH across 12 different wallets

Ethereum users are sending encrypted messages to the FTX hacker requesting a portion of the stolen assets.

The hacker responsible for the theft of over $447 million worth of cryptocurrencies from the cryptocurrency exchange FTX has been seen transferring their illicit funds once again.

Some in the crypto community believe the attacker may be intending to “peel chain” their funds in order to mislead investigators, a technique known as “peel chaining,” or to utilize a mixing service at some point to conceal which coins belong to them.

Some Ethereum users seem to have sent encrypted messages to the hacker requesting a portion of the stolen funds.

One user registered the Ethereum Name Service (ENS) domain name ftx-rekt200k-pls-help.eth to communicate that they have lost money as a result of the FTX collapse and to want compensation from the hacker.

They attempted to attract attention by sending 21 transactions totalling 0.000001 Ether to the hacker’s address.

Another user was more imaginative. They registered the ENS domain pleasecheckutf8data.eth and sent twelve transactions of less than 0.0001 ETH to the hacker’s wallet address.

Within each transaction came a UTF8-encoded message that said, “Please wire me 100,000, I have medical costs to pay and will be travelling to the United States in December. I am unable to walk correctly and have severe muscular difficulties. Please assist! I lost the most of my funds on FTX.”

In addition, the message included a link to an Imgur post that the user claimed was evidence of their medical visit. The breach happened on the same day FTX filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, November 11.

The attacker moved 50,000 ETH to a different wallet on November 20 and subsequently converted it to Bitcoin using two distinct renBTC bridges. The hacker is now the forty-first greatest holder of ETH.

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