For the First Time in the Project’s History, Dogecoin Developers Publish a DOGE Roadmap

Dogecoin developers have revealed a roadmap for the first time in history in order to increase the coin’s popularity and usage.

Billy Markus, a creator of Dogecoin, said in a tweet that the Dogecoin Foundation would publish a roadmap for the first time in its existence. The currency was founded in 2013 as a joke about Bitcoin, and it lacked a plan until lately, when nobody took DOGE seriously. is undergoing a redesign.

Dogecoin’s developers want to maintain it decentralised and led by “shepherds rather than rulers” in order to develop into a currency that can be used in every corner of the globe in the future to pay for even the most basic items, such as coffee. The itinerary even alludes to the Roman Empire’s Denarius currency—the coin that could be used in any area of the empire. According to developers, this is the purpose of DOGE: widespread adoption and usefulness.

Thus, the website will undergo a comprehensive revamp. Additionally, the roadmap includes eight additional Dogecoin-related initiatives that will aid in its adoption. Utility is most important to the Dogecoin Foundation since it leads to acceptance; the roadmap asserts that the more utility, the more Dogecoin.

Apart from the remodelling of, the paper states that eight initiatives would be implemented gradually and will add to Doge’s success. Libdogecoin and GigaWallet will be among them.

Libdogecoin will be a complete implementation of the Dogecoin Protocols, which anybody may use to create their own Doge-compliant product. Developers will be able to integrate DOGE payments into their applications using an API solution provided by the GigaWallet.Also

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