Florida Residents Should Be Able to Pay State Fees in Cryptocurrency said by Governor Scott

According to Rob DeSantis, Florida’s authorities must allow local companies to pay state fees using bitcoin and other alternative currencies.

Ron DeSantis, a Republican and the governor of Florida, advocated that the government enable companies to pay state taxes using digital assets such as bitcoin. He stated that authorities want to begin pilot projects to investigate the use of blockchain technology for monitoring motor vehicle records and validating Medicaid settlements.

During a Tallahassee speech, Ron DeSantis included his notion in his budget plan for 2022-2023. According to him, organisations operating inside the state of Florida should be allowed to pay state fees directly to the Department of State using digital assets.

Additionally, he advocated allocating $250,000 from the entire budget to assist the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles’ Blockchain Title Pilot Program. DeSantis said that the underlying technology of cryptocurrency may aid in the surveillance of automotive data. Additionally, he suggests that Florida’s Agency for Health Care Administration utilise blockchain technology in order to verify Medicaid transactions and identify possible fraud.

The budget’s entire payout to the bitcoin business is $700,000. DeSantis concluded by saying: “We applaud this and want to ensure that the state government is crypto-friendly.”

Miami, Florida’s crown jewel, has started to convert into a cryptocurrency hotspot under the leadership of pro-bitcoin Mayor Francis Suarez. The city even staged the largest-ever event focusing on the principal digital asset this summer.

Mayor Suarez, for his part, is a Bitcoin owner and ardent supporter of the cryptocurrency business. He just announced that he would get his next paycheck in bitcoin. According to the mayor, the primary benefit of the asset is that it is not subject to the fiat system or monetary policy. Simultaneously, he said, its underlying blockchain technology is “the most secure, decentralised blockchain on the earth.”

Subsequently, Miami’s Mayor said last month that his government is trying to let municipal citizens to pay their taxes in Bitcoin, citing the success of his city’s crypto initiative Miami Coin:

We want to accomplish it using bitcoin since it is what we are familiar with and in which we have faith. We believe that it is the most verified and trustworthy network available.

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