Florida Governor Declares That the State Is Considering Accepting Bitcoin for Tax Payments

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has said that he is trying to enable the state’s administration to accept cryptocurrency tax payments.

According to The report, DeSantis made his remarks on March 22 at the signing of a financial literacy curriculum law. The governor revealed during the press conference that he had directed state agencies to begin preparing to accept tax payments in cryptocurrency.

Governor DeSantis said the following: We are working — and have informed state authorities – to identify methods in which a firm might pay Florida tax in bitcoin.

DeSantis said that Florida is actively pursuing the use of Bitcoin for tax payments, stating that “we will take Bitcoin.”

Additionally, the governor emphasised a provision he championed in a previous budget plan to grant cash for the investigation of blockchain technology as a means of improving governmental activities. Despite the governor’s efforts, the measure was not enacted into law by the state legislature.

According to the source, DeSantis made it clear that his pro-crypto plan was distinct from ideas for state-controlled digital currencies. DeSantis said that there were “risks” associated with government managed digital currencies and that he was concerned about the amount of power a central body would gain. He said that such an action would lead to “uncharted terrain.”

DeSantis also expressed “grave worry” over the latest executive order against cryptocurrency issued by the Biden Administration.

Meanwhile, in Colorado, according to a report published on March 24 by Cointelegraph, governor Jared Polis “announced in February that the state government intends to allow residents to pay taxes in cryptocurrencies as early as summer 2022,” a move that some experts claim “both legitimises the crypto asset class and was anticipated in due course.”

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