Flashbots introduces an update that might address censorship issues

Robert Miller, product lead for Flashbots, addressed these issues earlier this month and said that a decentralized solution was being developed. This afternoon, the procedure known as SUAVE, which has been under covert development for the last year was unveiled.

Flashbots is a service that supplies validators with proposed blocks to validate while maximizing incentive payments. It is one of the most often used third parties in this block creation procedure.

Concerns have arisen due to Flashbots censoring Tornado Cash-related transactions. According to MEV Watch, more than fifty percent of Ethereum blocks generated today comply with OFAC.

The release of SUAVE occurs soon after Flashbots co-founder Stephane Gosselin resigned in September due to an internal dispute about its censorship-resistance capabilities.

SUAVE seeks to gradually decentralize the block-building process by enabling anybody to contribute to its programming and development. It will have cross-chain and multi-chain functionality and be usable with any blockchain or rollup compatible with Ethereum.

According to the development team, further information about SUAVE will be provided in the following weeks.

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