Fantom Provides Clarification Regarding Andre Cronje’s and Anton Nell’s Departure

The Fantom Foundation has issued a statement in response to concerns regarding the future of the Fantom network and other initiatives in which Andre Cronje was engaged.

The statement addresses all claims, inconsistencies, and disinformation that have surfaced in the aftermath of the announcement. It also reaffirms the blockchain network’s and other initiatives’ continued viability. levelled damaging claims against the firm after Anton Nell’s revelation that he and Cronje are abandoning the DeFi industry entirely.

“Fantom, Solidly, SpookySwap, Abracadabra, Geist: many initiatives interwoven in a structure intended to maximise profit for a tiny group of insiders who are gradually quitting the stage.”

However, Fantom’s response refuted all of these assertions, noting that Fantom was never about a single or two individuals. It has always been about the contributions of thousands of people who have helped to shape Fantom into what it is today.

Cronje worked on Fantom as an advisor, not as the key developer as many believe him to be. He provided technical and financial management advice at the highest levels. Cronje also established connections between initiatives and persons he felt would benefit the Fantom network.

Additionally, the explanations contained a statement from Andre Cronje expressing his confidence in Fantom.

It said, “While I’ve opted out of crypto and DeFi, the Fantom crew has been nothing but honourable throughout my interactions with them. I think they are on the correct track technologically, and I have no qualms about their future success.”

The Foundation also explained that the statement about 25 projects being cancelled was incorrect. It indicated that the projects would continue without the participation of the two developers. The current teams, some of which have been in charge for years, would continue to manage the projects.

The Fantom Foundation believes that this thorough statement will finally put Andre Cronje and Anton Nell’s departure behind them.

Anton Nell announced their resignation from DeFi earlier last month, precipitating a significant decline in the value of the tokens linked with them.

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