Fake billboard ads rented in Turkey have prompted a warning from Binance

Scammers are capitalising on the recent surge in popularity of Binance in Turkey. Fake billboards promising fake chances based on the well-known bitcoin exchange may be seen all around town.

According to the Binance TR team, an effort is being made to defraud crypto investors in Turkey. An unknown source seems to be the source of the false billboards and adverts.

Binance’s website receives more than 7% of its traffic from Turkish investors. According to Similarweb, this is the case. It has been discovered that fraudsters have been renting billboards with phoney Binance offers to take advantage of the exchange’s popularity in Turkey.

Binance An advertisement on billboards in Turkey has been flagged as a hoax. On a big billboard in Turkey, a “Binance Tourist Exchange” billboard commercial is featured.

Scam victims (investors) may reach the scammer posing as Binance by calling the phone number they provide in their advertising. Victims (investors) are urged to register new accounts and spread the word about the fraud. Ultimately, their purpose is to steal money in the form of cryptocurrency.

The exchange has made it clear that it intends to take legal action against those responsible for renting billboards and publishing misleading adverts aimed at crypto investors. 

The first Customer Service Center opened in Turkey on 15 April, Binance announced. It is the goal of the Customer Service Center launch to prevent frauds and scams from happening.

Investors who believe they have come into touch with fraudsters should use the exchange’s legitimate reporting methods, such as the website or mobile app, which are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Changpeng Zhao said the following during the Paris Blockchain Week Summit: Our customer service is now offered only by text, but in the near future, we want to expand this service to include phone help for all nations.

Coinbase, a well-known U.S. crypto exchange, proposes to buy BtcTurk, Turkey’s oldest and most prominent crypto exchange, for $3.2 billion because of the high level of interest in bitcoin among Turkish investors.

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