European families see crypto as a means of increasing savings

Three out of five European respondents reported a 50% increase in their cryptocurrency investments in the poll.

A new survey commissioned by cryptocurrency trading platform BitMEX suggests that some people perceive crypto investment as a method to enhance their family’s wealth despite the hazards.

Consumers’ attitudes on cryptocurrency in 2022 were the focus of a poll performed by market research company Kantar. 3,000 people across 14 markets in Europe, Asia, and Latin America were surveyed for this research. The results show that Europeans are interested in cryptocurrency as a way to invest and save for their family.

More than half of the European participants said that they now own cryptocurrencies, according to the survey results. These respondents also said that the primary purpose of cryptocurrency was to help them meet their family’s financial demands. Sixty-one percent of those polled said that they saw cryptocurrency as a “useful method to diversify assets.”

Additionally, three out of five European respondents reported a 50% increase in their crypto investments in the poll. The study found that more than 80% of the transactions made by the polled crypto owners were $1,000 or more.

In an interview with BitMEX CMO Michele Bertacco, she said that the purpose of the poll was to better understand investors’ habits. “The public hunger for crypto is expanding at a very quick pace,” Bertacco said after viewing the figures.

This week, another poll found that those who haven’t invested in cryptocurrency are concerned about volatility, environmental effect and regulations. According to a recent survey, “loss of knowledge” is the most common barrier to crypto investment.

Another study found that eighty percent of participants would increase their hard work if they were compensated in cryptocurrencies. Those who took the survey stated they planned to drop their current gym membership in favour of one in the Metaverse.

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