Europe gets its first tokenized security from Securitize

Securitize plans to pioneer the issuing and trading of tokenized securities in the United States and Europe.

Tokenized securities representing stock in the Spanish real estate investment trust Mancipi Partners have begun to be issued in Europe by Securitize, a blockchain startup that specialises in tokenizing real-world assets.

In September, secondary trading will start for the tokenized shares on the Avalanche blockchain. Six months after the sandbox phase ends, if the European Union Pilot Regime gives Securitize the green light, the company intends to issue, manage, and trade tokenized securities in Spain and the EU.

Co-founder Carlos Domingo, who was born in Barcelona, said in a statement that Securitize was the first company to be permitted to issue and trade tokenized securities in both the U.S. and Europe under the EU’s new pilot framework for digital assets. By providing a new channel for primary capital raising, as well as possible tax savings and liquidity via secondary trading, “European businesses will reap the lion’s share of the benefits of this innovation.”

To increase investor access to tokenized securities products, Securitize teamed with asset manager Hamilton Lane in May.

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