Ethereum Founder Vitalik Buterin warns against reckless re-staking

Vitalik Buterin, one of Ethereum’s creators, has voiced worry that the network’s consensus process may become too complex if changes are made to it.

Vitalik Buterin, one of Ethereum’s creators, has voiced worry that re-staking would make the Ethereum consensus process too complex.

Buterin has expressed concern in a recent blog post about proposals that would extend the responsibilities of Ethereum validators beyond the verification of the protocol’s fundamental principles and thereby bring risks to the ecosystem. Buterin has reservations about re-staking, a technique devised by Eigen Layer and others that extend the role of Ethereum validators to encompass the protection of third-party blockchains. He was concerned that re-staking might expose the network to vulnerabilities.

In the paper, Buterin warned against “expanding the scope” of blockchain consensus beyond the validation of core Ethereum protocol rules, as is often the case with application-layer initiatives.

The quantity of ether that a validator has and is ready to stake determines its legitimacy as a validator in the proof-of-stake mechanism used by Ethereum. Among all proof-of-stake chains, this one boasts the biggest validator set, both in terms of the number of validator entities and the total amount of ether pledged, which is over 18 million ETH ($34 billion). Because of its massive scale, methods have been developed to take advantage of the network’s security to safeguard third-party supply chains. Buterin argued that caution should be used.

Buterin addressed Martin Köppelmann’s concept of an “ultimate oracle,” which would derive its security from ETH stake, back in 2015. As a source of off-chain information, oracles play a crucial role in the context of smart contracts. Buterin warned that tying the safety of these data streams to Ethereum’s stake might add unnecessary complexity.

Buterin speculated that adding new “duties” to validators in Ethereum’s consensus process might increase the difficulty and danger of the job.

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