Ether staking is excessively tough, according to community members

Some argue that it would be wise to acknowledge that Ether staking is not yet suitable for everyone.

The switch of the Ethereum network to proof-of-stake (PoS) has given staking Ether (ETH) a vital role in validating blocks and safeguarding the network. However, some members of the community consider that the staking procedure is excessively complex, particularly for average citizens.

A community member in the Ethereum subreddit brought up the issue of ETH staking and its problems. According to the user, it took an entire weekend to make everything operational. According to the user, persons with “unforgiving” schedules may be unable to accommodate this. 

Another community member responded to the discussion by discussing their experience with ETH staking and Ethereum’s early days. Prior to the emergence of more user-friendly solutions, the user remarked that blockchain engagement was likewise challenging at the time. The community member further emphasized that putting up a node requires “more work than the typical individual can be expected to do.”

In addition to the setup challenges, the issue of bandwidth usage was also raised. A user said that there is a chance of having your Internet service provider shut you off due to your excessive bandwidth use. Another user remarked that exceeding the Internet bandwidth limit might potentially wipe out any winnings.

In contrast, another community member argued that staking is not supposed to be a simple task that anybody can do. 

Even though there may be some issues with staking, there have been some beneficial advancements since the Merge. On September 15, the day of the Merge, the number of blocks manufactured daily increased by 18%, from 6,000 to 7,100. In addition, the average time required for validators to validate transactions decreased by 13%.

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