Elon Musk’s Latest Tweet Confounds SHIB and Doge Holders

Shib and Dogecoin community members are left to speculate on what Elon Musk’s latest post may signify, especially in light of Tesla’s recent introduction of items purchaseable with Doge.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and a millionaire, has left the community of two big meme cryptocurrencies – Doge and Shiba Inu – perplexed as to what the eccentric billionaire intended to imply.

Musk often tweets jokes about cryptocurrencies (Dogecoin or Bitcoin in particular), but this time he merely tweeted the word “top” along with an upwards arrow emoji.

Members of the cryptocurrency community that support a variety of currencies instantly started requesting explanation. Shib and Dogecoin supporters have been the most vocal so far, with many speculating that Elon meant Doge/SHIB travelling to the moon.

Earlier this week, Musk revealed on his Twitter feed that Tesla has officially begun accepting Dogecoin payments for business merchandize. Tesla’s retail store now sells four things, including a “cyberwhistle” inspired by the cybertruck and a “cyberquad for youngsters.” The latter is valued at 12,020 DOGE, implying that Tesla has essentially begun selling its electric automobiles in Doge.

Many in the Doge community anticipate the company’s next step to be the sale of electric automobiles in exchange for the meme cryptocurrency.

Following yesterday’s 20% increase, Dogecoin’s price has fallen from $0.199 to $0.1827. The original joke cryptocurrency has now rebounded to $0.1895.

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