Elon Musk reaffirms the destructive potential of artificial intelligence

Regarding the potential for artificial intelligence to destroy civilization, Musk stated, “Anyone who thinks this risk is 0% is an idiot.”

While tech titans from around the globe work to materialize the concept of a generative artificial intelligence (AI) to assist humans in their daily lives, the risk of the nascent technology going wrong is imminent. Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and Twitter, reminded the public of AI’s potential to destroy civilization in light of this possibility.

On March 15, it was reported that Musk was assembling a team of AI researchers and engineers with the intention of launching a new AI-based startup. However, Musk continues to emphasize the destructive potential of AI, similar to that of any other technology, if it falls into the wrong hands or is developed with malicious intent.

As Crypto Twitter took up the conversation, Musk provided significant support for his claim. On the other hand, tech entrepreneurs such as Bill Gates are more optimistic regarding AI and its potential positive effects on humanity.

On April 13, Amazon joined the race to develop AI services as the most recent tech titan to do so. Amazon Bedrock enables developers to create and scale generative AI applications.

Bedrock enables users to “privately customise foundation models with their own data and easily integrate and deploy them into their applications,” according to a blog post announcing the service.

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