Elon Musk is testing game streaming as he continues his ‘everything app’ drive with X

Elon Musk indicated during his stream that X would integrate streaming services with Xbox and PS5, but that the company has no ambitions to compete with established streaming services.

After Elon Musk experimented with video game streaming on X (previously Twitter), the platform took another step toward becoming a “everything app.”

On October 6, Musk went live for 50 minutes to show how he plays Diablo 4, a popular online action role-playing game.

Musk said at the start, “What we’re going for here is that the sound sounds normal, the picture looks pretty good so it doesn’t flicker, and the comments work.”

While the functionality is still in its infancy, the stream stayed steady throughout, and Musk seems pleased with the team’s efforts. “I mean, it’s quite impressive that it works at all,” he said.

Musk ended the video by fielding questions from viewers and providing further background on X’s mission.

“We’ll implement game streaming on PS5 and Xbox One. We’re not attempting to be the best app in the world by any means, but we do want to make it clear that whatever you can accomplish inside the X system or the X platform is fair game.”

“The extremely specialized apps are still likely to be superior to us in many respects, but I believe we have the potential to become the finest generalist app. Being a multipurpose software has many advantages, especially when it comes to finding and connecting with the widest possible user base.”

However, Musk did not discuss the possibility of using cryptocurrency or other forms of payment in conjunction with streaming services for things like subscriptions or donations.

There have been almost 2.8 million watchers for the feed or “broadcast” in the few hours after the session finished, and the tweet advertising the stream has had over 9.3 million views and over 5,300 retweets as of this writing.

Musk said in July that he was renaming Twitter as X as part of his efforts to create a “everything app” that will include a variety of social media features and financial services, including cryptocurrency.

As part of this effort, X has added the revenue sharing model for X Premium members and made it possible for users to upload films and other material directly to the platform.

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