Crypto Whale Donates $100,000 to a YouTuber Defending Against a BitBoy Lawsuit

Cobie, a notable crypto celebrity and producer of the UpOnly show, has contributed $100,000 to YouTuber Atozy to assist him to battle a lawsuit filed by another YouTuber known as BitBoy Crypto.

Cobie, the prominent crypto influencer and producer of the UpOnly podcast, gave six figures to YouTuber Atozy to assist him to defend a “frivolous” lawsuit filed by Benjamin Armstrong, also known as BitBoy Crypto.

According to Atozy, the complaint relates to a nine-month-old YouTube video titled “This YouTuber Scams His Fans… BitBoy Crypto” in which he referred to Armstrong as a “shady dirtbag” and a “scammer” for pushing a questionable cryptocurrency project named PAMP.

According to the complaint, Armstrong “suffered damages in excess of $75,000” as a consequence of Atozy’s claimed slander.

In reaction to the lawsuit, Atozy encouraged his Twitter followers to donate to his crowdfunding effort to help him defend the case. “I’m using crowdsourcing to assist pay the outrageous expenses of defending myself against this bogus lawsuit,” he stated in a series of tweets on Tuesday, providing Bitcoin and Ethereum addresses for contributions.

Cobie, who has contributed substantial amounts of crypto to different charities in the past, said that he would send “100k or something” when he was at his computer. Cobie acknowledged that he had transmitted 100,000 USDC from the crypto exchange FTX to Atozy’s wallet shortly after a 100,000 USDC transaction from FTX to Atozy’s wallet was completed.

Armstrong operates BitBoy Crypto, the biggest crypto YouTube channel with over 1.44 million followers, where he promotes dubious crypto ventures that often fail or underperform the market by a significant margin. This month, in an interview with CNBC, Armstrong expressed guilt for accepting money from crypto businesses to promote their goods.

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