Crypto Mining in Africa Takes an Unexpected Turn by Russia

Rumor has it that Ethiopia, an African nation, will be the site of a major Russian Bitcoin (BTC) mining breakthrough.

Russian Bitcoin mining solutions company BitCluster has declared their intention to transform Ethiopia into a worldwide mining center by constructing a 120 megawatt (MW) data center there.

The Kilinto high-voltage substation will be the site of the 30,000-square-meter facility in Addis Abeba, the capital of Ethiopia. The transformers are being connected, and the new data center is scheduled to be operational in January 2024.

The technological and engineering specifications of the data center are up to par with what cutting-edge mining equipment needs, according to BitCluster. The Kilinto high-voltage substation’s new energy infrastructure, the business said, will provide the facility with a constant supply of electricity with an anticipated uptime of 99%.

Data center powering Bitcoin mining will get its power solely from renewable sources, namely the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. Featuring a capacity of 5.15 GW, this dam is the most expansive hydroelectric undertaking in Africa.

By increasing mining productivity and saving time and money by fixing broken devices in-house, BitCluster will be able to run as a full-time service center thanks to the project’s scalability, according to the statement.

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