Crypto Experiences Massive Liquidation Worth More Than $400 Million As Bitcoin (BTC) Reaches $40,000

Since Bitcoin’s (BTC) price dropped below a crucial psychological level, there has been an enormous uptick in liquidations in the cryptocurrency markets.

Coinglass, a crypto data aggregator, reports that 119,302 traders lost $409.80 million in the last 24 hours. On Binance and Coinbase, Bitcoin fell to a low of about $40,300 on the previous day. Bitcoin has recovered marginally from its 24-hour low and is now trading at $42,301.

Bitcoin long-term traders lost almost $90.9 million within the same time frame, taking a heavy hit from the corrective move. Also liquidated were BTC bearish, who lost about $13.23 million and were anticipating a straight-line decline in price.

Traders in Ethereum (ETH) also lost around $80 million as a result of the chain reaction of liquidations. Approximately $70 million worth of cryptocurrency was liquidated on other marketplaces.

According to Credible Crypto, Bitcoin will reverse its recent losses in a V-shaped rebound. The trader anticipates that the rise will continue until he achieves his $60,000 goal.

“We can expect to see V-reversals much more often than the usual ‘sideways basing phase’ if we get significant flushes at this level of the market.

As a last step in this adjustment, we can expect to see something similar to the following: In other words, after a slow V-reversal from these lows into a higher low (thus completing a running flat), there will be an impulse that seems to start in mid-air and goes all the way up to $60,000. This suggests that a reversal might be on the horizon, but that there’s a chance of some sideways movement for a few days before the next wild move starts.”

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