Core Ethereum developers indicate their support for proto-danksharding

Developers of Ethereum are looking toward including EIP-4844 in a future version.

According to a meeting of Ethereum core developers, the widely anticipated scaling proposal EIP-4844 will likely be implemented in a future mainnet update.

The presence of EIP-4844, commonly known as “proto-danksharding,” on the “considered for inclusion (CFI)” list indicates that developers have committed to implementing the requested feature. If everything goes according to plan, this functionality will be implemented on the mainnet within the next year. The plan might be implemented alongside or after the Shanghai upgrade, which intends to enable validator stake withdrawals.

EIP-4844 proposes to enhance Ethereum’s scalability beyond what is possible with Layer 2 solutions. It will bring “shard blob transactions” to Ethereum, enabling off-chain data to be temporarily stored and accessible by Ethereum nodes to meet the scalability demands of blockchain applications.

This functionality is designed to make Ethereum transactions even cheaper when utilizing Layer 2 rollup solutions like Optimism and Arbitrum, which are currently five to ten times cheaper than the Ethereum base layer.

EIP-4844 introduces a new charge market for short-lived data to Ethereum. Instead of hijacking ordinary gas, rollups would employ this for data accessibility. This is a game-changer for the rollup-centric plan since costs might be reduced by 100x, according to Liam Horne, CEO of OP Labs, the creator of the Optimism network.

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