Charles Hoskinson Responds to Return of Cardano “Ghost Chain” Speculation

The creator of IOG indicated that this false information is currently being disseminated to broad populations by social media influencers.

Specifically, he published a tweet including a TikTok video of a man with over 600,000 followers discussing Cardano and stating that people are beginning to lose trust in this blockchain.

TikToker asserts that “for a project with such a large market capitalization, Cardano has nothing to show for itself.”

The individual notes that the Cardano team’s goal is admirable, but they are not constructing anything. Finally, the “influencer” said that Solana is “a far more functioning blockchain and platform than Cardano has ever come close to becoming.”

Hoskinson lamented in a tweet that influencers are now disseminating superficial information to “massive networks of people” and that what was recently termed a “catastrophic bug” for Cardano is now paired with a “ghost chain.”

According to Hoskinson, these “30 seconds of falsehoods” were disseminated for the purpose of engagement farming. In addition, he reminded several commenters of Cardano’s accomplishments this year:

Adam Dean, a senior Cardano engineer, said on Twitter ten days ago that a newly found problem rendered the Vasil node 1.35.2 “catastrophically unstable.” This tweet sparked a heated discussion among the community, and some started to accuse Cardano, claiming that having such issues before a testnet launch is inexcusable for a major blockchain like Cardano.

A week ago, the same developer tweeted that the Cardano chain was stronger and better than ever, while the Cardano pool operator, Andrew Westberg, declared that the previously identified flaws had been successfully resolved.

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