Charles Hoskinson responds to critics who argue that “Cardano is a religion without technology”

Charles Hoskison, the CEO of IOG, the firm that developed the Cardano proof-of-stake blockchain, has turned to Twitter to answer critics who claim that Cardano lacks a technological component and provides religion to its community.

In addition, they claim that “major investors” do not consider Cardano an investment opportunity. In a recent episode of the podcast “Crypto Banter,” numerous industry experts gathered.  The podcast was presented by “Crypto Banter” founder and CNBC crypto trader Ran NeuNer.

In the video clip posted on Twitter by @StakeWithPride, Haseeb Qureshi is heard stating that “all large smart money investors” do not consider Cardano. They do neither examine it nor devote attention to it.

When asked why these individuals do not consider the largest proof-of-stake blockchain and its native currency ADA, he said that cryptocurrencies are “a blend of technology and religion.” Qureshi said that every crypto must possess both.

“Cardano has religion without technology,” he said, and the host agreed. Then, Ran NeuNer noted that, in contrast to Ethereum and Solana, Cardano and Charles Hoskinson had taken a methodical and intellectual approach to build their blockchain, with no haste and meticulous care. “

However, what bothers him about Cardano is that he does not see much development activity or venture capital investment in this network. He also mentioned that he does not anticipate many Cardano-based ventures.

In reaction to the video, the creator of Cardano made a mocking tweet stating that all development teams should pack their bags and he should probably also close down all university research institutions and dismiss hundreds of IT professionals.

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