Chainalysis is eliminating a further 15% of its workforce in 2023

Meanwhile, Chainalysis is always looking for more investigators and data analysts to join their team.

Bloomberg reports that leading blockchain security data provider Chainalysis has announced yet another wave of layoffs in the cryptocurrency industry. The news came from a conference held by Chainalysis on Monday in the United States, where a spokesman was mentioned in the story.

A representative for the corporation said that 15 percent of the workers will be laid off. The Chainalysis spokesperson said that cost-cutting was essential because of the current economic climate.

The Bloomberg article also noted that the most recent action followed layoffs in 2023 that affected less than 5% of the company’s personnel. Approximately 900 people used to work for Chainalysis, a company renowned for its skill in tracing digital asset transfers and fraudulent companies, according to the study.

Bloomberg also reported that the cryptocurrency industry has lost a significant number of jobs due to the prolonged bear market. It claimed that thousands of jobs in the sector had been lost this year.

Despite the difficulties, Chainalysis remains confident in its future. The representative said that the company was still committed to “building trust in blockchains between financial institutions, government agencies, and cryptocurrency businesses.”

Coin Edition has verified that despite the 15% staff reduction, Chainalysis is actively hiring professionals in a wide range of jurisdictions. The job listings on Chainalysis’s website include on-site investigators in the United States, product data analysts in Canada, and public sector account managers in Japan.

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