Cardano’s Bullish ADA Price After Forming Partnership With Singapore’s Blockchain Institute

The Institute of Blockchain Singapore (IBS) has announced a cooperation with Emurgo, an early participant in the Cardano blockchain. Cardano’s dedication to advancing blockchain education throughout the world was highlighted by the announcement of this strategic partnership on X.

Emurgo is a company that was created to promote Cardano’s Web3 environment. They said, “We are pleased to announce that, following helpful discussions, we have now formed a partnership with the Institute of Blockchain Singapore (IBS) and are planning a joint project to promote Cardano education.”

The fact that IBS has educated students from 9 different nations clearly demonstrates the value of this alliance.

This collaboration will help spread the word about Cardano and educate more people about blockchain technology, but IBS has its own impressive history in the field of blockchain education. Incorporated as a nonprofit in January of 2018, IBS also serves as a hub for online blockchain education.

Their focus is on educating people about blockchain technology and vetting industry experts for certification. This dedication is shown in their flagship curriculum, the Certified Blockchain Consultant® Credential.

The release from Emurgo suggests a more extensive connection between the two companies by encouraging readers to “follow Emurgo to get updated,” suggesting that this relationship may be the first of many.

As a training provider for the Institute of Banking and Finance, IBS’s partnership with Skillsfuture exemplifies the breadth and depth of IBS’s dedication to education, particularly at the crossroads of blockchain technology, banking, and finance.

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