Cardano passes Bitcoin in the global ranking of intimate brands

As the first cryptocurrency to exist and the biggest by market capitalization, Bitcoin has traditionally led in a number of areas, but other cryptocurrencies such as Cardano are gaining traction. BTC remains the most familiar crypto asset for many individuals. It is more widely adopted than other digital assets.

In addition, the majority of virtual currency transactions would need Bitcoin. However, the existence of altcoins in the cryptocurrency market increases competition for the dominant cryptocurrency.

A recent survey on consumers’ emotional ties to brands ranked other assets above Bitcoin as the most valuable. Cardano, a blockchain developer, ranked 26 out of 600 worldwide companies in the survey, according to the research.

With this position, Cardano leads all other crypto sector initiatives in terms of worldwide brand intimacy. The worldwide examination of brand intimacy considers the emotional ties that brands have with their customer base and the broader public. The study was undertaken by the MBLM organization utilizing artificial intelligence (AI) and enormous data sets.

With the proper use of precise metrics, the agency exposed the interactions and feelings of various consumers with top worldwide brands. The research spanned 19 sectors and includes Apple, Google, Tesla, eBay, and Disney, among other companies.

Comparing this year’s assessment to last year’s, the surveyors noticed that Cardano is a recent addition to the research. However, it turned out to be the leading cryptocurrency and financial services brand with the best performance.

According to the survey, the crypto industry’s performance was in the top 10, with Cardano in the lead. Bitcoin, for its part, ranked thirty among all brands. On the other side, other crypto assets such as Uniswap and Solana vaulted to positions 261 and 265, respectively.

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