Cardano Joins the Zero-Knowledge Privacy Bandwagon

With its privacy-focused Midnight blockchain, Cardano is the first ZK-hard cryptocurrency.

Blockchain privacy is becoming more important, and leading platforms like Ethereum and Polygon are actively investigating zero-knowledge encryption as a potential solution. Cardano, with its Midnight privacy sidechain, will soon join this expanding group.

Midnight, the Cardano privacy blockchain, is a solution that the network has been working on this year that many people are looking forward to. The protocol, along with its native cryptocurrency DUST, will be making its DevNet debut in the coming months after being launched in November 2022.

Midnight, which runs on Cardano, ushers in a new age of zero-knowledge proof-powered safe, private, and efficient blockchain apps. The protocol ensures anonymity and strikes a fine compromise between privacy and transparency, going above and beyond the capabilities of conventional privacy solutions.

Midnight’s primary goal is to provide developers with the tools they need to build DApps with robust data security features, giving users and companies the ability to keep private data secure using ZK-proof smart contracts.

Midnight, like other ZK-resistant alternatives, provides the ability to validate transactions without disclosing the underlying data, making it stand out from other current platforms like the Cardano mainnet.

Dr. Vanishree Rao, an esteemed scholar and a key contributor to the privacy-focused blockchain Mina Protocol, is at the helm of this ambitious endeavor. The imminent release of Midnight is a major step forward for the Cardano ecosystem, demonstrating the company’s dedication to user anonymity, data protection, and enhanced usability.

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