Cardano Blockchain to Guarantee Wine Quality in Georgia

The Cardano Foundation and the National Wine Agency of Georgia have formed cooperation.

Using Cardano’s blockchain technology, the quality of Georgian wine will be maintained at a high level. Together with Swiss-linked products and packaging platform Scantrust, the foundation will build an “innovative” and “cost-effective” certification and traceability solution.

Next spring, 100,000 bottles of wine will be bottled in Bolnisi, a city in the Kvemo Kartli area, as part of a trial program. With the use of a unique QR code, consumers will be able to confirm its legitimacy.

Levan Mekhuzla, head of the National Wine Agency, asserts that Cardano’s technology enables large-scale implementation of supply chain traceability.

Additionally, the Georgian government collaborated with the Norwegian blockchain startup WiV Technology to create non-fungible tokens for their wine in 2017.

The concept of eradicating wine counterfeiting with blockchain technology is not new. In 2018, the venture capital firm Medici Ventures invested in the wine monitoring business Vin-X. As reported by U.Today, a Japanese division of the multinational accounting firm Ernst & Young.

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