Burger King now accepts Bitcoin and other crypto in Paris

In its Paris branches, the worldwide fast food business Burger King has installed Instpower power bank rental machines that accept crypto payments. The devices are linked to Alchemy Pay and Binance Pay, two cryptocurrency payment systems.

In addition to Binance Pay and Alchemy Pay, Instpower, the industry-leading power bank charging service, now accepts cryptocurrency payments in Bitcoin from its users at over 14,000 locations worldwide, according to a March 27 news release from Alchemy Pay.

The recent announcement of a Burger King location in Paris represents a significant milestone for the worldwide fast-food chain and the general use of cryptocurrency as a way of payment for products and services.

Yann Phu, CEO of Flash Development, the European distributor responsible for delivering Instpower devices, is ecstatic that his company’s products are now accessible in Paris:

“This partnership with Burger King in Paris has elevated our European operations to the next level. Customers can power their mobile devices using Instpower’s equipment.”

The CEO continued: “These powerbanks are widely used in Asia, but the European market is just starting to adopt them. By having Alchemy Pay assist consumers in paying with cryptocurrencies via Binance Pay, we are introducing cutting-edge payment solutions to Europe.”

Due to its international nature, cryptocurrency is a perfect payment method for Instpower’s shared power banks, which frequent travelers utilize to charge their devices.

Alchemy Pay announced the first hybrid merchant payment acceptance system in 2019 to ease the acceptance of cryptocurrency payments by brick-and-mortar and online retailers equally. In 2021, about two million firms in at least seventy countries engaged in the fiat-cryptocurrency payment acceptance system.

Notably, in March, food industry titans KFC, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut filed NFTs and metaverse trademarks, following in the footsteps of McDonald’s (NYSE: MCD) decision to investigate the metaverse.

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