BNB Chain and Binance Labs Form BNB Incubation Alliance (BIA) in Partnership with Leading Venture Capitalists

Binance Labs, the venture capital and incubation branch of Binance, and BNB Chain, the community-driven blockchain ecosystem that incorporates the world’s largest smart contract blockchain, today announced the establishment of the BNB Incubation Alliance (BIA).

The BNB Incubation Alliance is a global alliance that endeavors to support early-stage blockchain projects by co-hosting a series of global events in collaboration with industry Venture Capitalists, Incubators, and developer communities. The alliance’s ethos is to “built together to fast-track your Web3 voyage.”

The BNB Incubation Alliance is a highly sought-after opportunity for emerging blockchain projects to secure direct admission to the BNB Chain Most Valuable Builder (MVB) program, receive BNB Chain grants, and take advantage of Binance Labs investment opportunities. Its purpose is to expedite the Web3 journey. Furthermore, it grants participants access to the Launch-as-a-Service (LaaS) program. LaaS, in partnership with BNB Chain ecosystem partners, endeavors to expedite project success by providing a variety of benefits, such as complimentary services valued at up to US$300,000, in the areas of infrastructure, security, and treasury management, as well as business development and marketing.

The BNB Incubation Alliance’s operation is straightforward yet strategic, as it facilitates the hosting of global events that identify prospective projects for incubation in collaboration with partners. These events will select projects that meet specific criteria, including early-stage blockchain ventures in the incubation stage, pre or post-product launch, as selected by partners. A council of representatives from co-organizers and co-hosts will oversee the judging and awarding process.

Keynote addresses, Q&A sessions, presentations and demonstrations, networking sessions with BNB Chain, Binance Labs, VCs, and incubators, and a gala celebration celebrating the winning projects are all part of the BNB Incubation Alliance events.

Eligibility for fast-tracking into the BNB Chain MVB Program—a highly competitive incubator program jointly hosted by BNB Chain, Binance Labs, and CMC Labs—is one of the benefits that recipients of BNB Incubation Alliance events will receive.

By bypassing the screening process and phases of interviews, winning projects can gain direct admission to this highly sought-after program, which provides strategic partnerships, industry-leading collaboration, advisory support, and accessible resources to assist Web3 ventures.

The MVB Season 7 accelerator program selected 13 early-stage Web3 initiatives from a pool of over 700 applicants. The program concluded with a Demo Day, during which Binance Labs will make investment decisions based on the performance of the projects. It also provided mentorship and expert-led sessions.

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