Blockchain workers are up 80% year-over-year

Due to the increasing popularity of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, there has been a surge in the number of individuals who have found work in this emerging technological industry.

According to research on August 10 by LinkedIn and OKX, blockchain workers will climb by 76% year-over-year by June 2022.

According to the statistics, the United States, India, and China are the top three countries regarding talent availability in the blockchain business. With a growth rate of 122%, India has the fastest-growing blockchain talent pool in the world. Canada follows with a growth rate of 106%, followed by Singapore with a growth rate of 92%.

Regarding blockchain-related job postings, Spain had the highest growth rate among the top 10 nations with the most increased need for blockchain skills, at 609%. Canada had a growth rate of 560%, while India ranked third with a growth rate of 145%.

19% of the overall number of blockchain professionals are employed by the banking business, according to the statistics.

16% comprises engineering skills, which is the next most important factor. Talent in business development, information technology, and sales comprise the last 6% of the top five rankings. According to the research, there is a considerable demand gap for technical abilities.

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