BlackRock reportedly files registration for Ishares XRP Trust product

BlackRock’s reported interest in launching an XRP Spot ETF was groundless. has publicly disputed the accuracy of the report, pointing out that anybody is free to submit an application to the state of Delaware’s official website.

Upon learning that the rumor that BlackRock had registered for an XRP Spot ETF was untrue, an analyst from Bloomberg issued the following statement.

“This is a fake, guys. XRP is trading at the same level it was at before a 15% increase. After realizing that the XRP trust was a scam, many people are wondering whether the Ethereum trust application is legitimate. This was an actual application. Thursday’s filing of 19b-4 confirmed the legitimacy of the Ishares Ethereum trust application. The XRP trust application alone was the fraud.”

BlackRock, which was earlier rumored to have filed in Delaware for the Ethereum Spot ETF, has reportedly registered the Ishares XRP Trust product for the XRP Spot ETF, as reported by Summers. Following the announcement, the price of XRP shot up to $0.72.

Anybody may submit an application for an XRP Spot ETF to Delaware’s registration website, thus it’s impossible to tell whether BlackRock has done so or not. Financial experts Eric Balchunas and James Seyffart of Bloomberg released a statement.

James Seyffart: “I was caught off guard by this. Certainly, you can find it online. Data identical to those seen in the Ethereum Trust application. If this XRP trust does come from BlackRock, it might mean the firm is taking legal action against the SEC. Is Larry trying to zone out or what? I need to know whether this is legitimate or if it’s part of some complex pump-and-dump scheme involving BlackRock.”

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