Bitcoin optimist Matthew Kratter says BTC is worth $1 million, contradicting Balaji’s prediction

Bitcoin will reach $1,000,000, but not as Balaji Srinivasan forecasts, according to experienced Bitcoin advocate Matthew Kratter.

On March 24, Kratter, the founder of the Bitcoin-focused investing business Trader University, emphasized Bitcoin in the context of the current US financial crisis, adding that the failure of three large cryptocurrency banks earlier this month brought consumers “one giant step closer to a Bitcoin standard.”

According to him, the Federal Reserve’s plan to reintroduce quantitative easing by reactivating the money presses would enhance the dollar’s debasement risk and exacerbate counterparty risk. Due to its limited nature, he emphasized that Bitcoin was the only asset without a debasement risk, meaning that with the Federal Reserve creating additional money, all other assets would fall versus Bitcoin.

Kratter also poked fun at a recent ex-CTO of Coinbase, Balaji Srinivasan, who predicted that Bitcoin would hit $1 million in around 90 days from last week.

“This is a shocking statement. Is this achievable? Yes, Bitcoin is capable of anything. Is this probable? “Absolutely not,” Kratter said in response to Balaji’s prediction.

Kratter said Balaji’s appeal was more of a marketing strategy in which he was “trying to use Bitcoin to pump his own reputation” while concealing his prior struggle against bitcoin maximalists. In addition, he said that Balaji was the ultimate self-promoter and venture capitalist pumper who was substantially responsible for delivering “shitcoins” to Coinbase.

“We should never forget that he was busy pushing shitcoins and criticising Bitcoin maximalists for being so narrow-minded,” Kratter remarked.

Kratter said he would be pretty worried if Bitcoin reached a million dollars in the next three months, stating that he would not consider this a blessing. He says, “it’s great that Bitcoin appreciates slowly and draws little attention to itself.” Then, he forecasted that Bitcoin’s value would certainly surpass $100,000 in three months.

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