Bitcoin is referred to as “pure gold” by Apple co-found

Despite his unwavering support for Bitcoin, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak remains dubious about cryptocurrencies in general.

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak recently praised Bitcoin in an interview with Business Insider, characterising the biggest cryptocurrency as “pure gold mathematics.”

Having said that, the famed electronics expert and computer programmer have a far more pessimistic assessment of the larger Bitcoin business. He cited the huge volume of cryptocurrencies being generated on a daily basis in the aforementioned interview, alleging that many cryptocurrency initiatives are “rip-offs.”

According to Wozniak, token makers attempt to entice purchasers with celebrity endorsements: There are so many cryptocurrencies emerging today that anybody can develop one and become a superstar with it. It seems as if they’re just collecting money from those looking to invest at the earliest possible time when it’s worth pennies.

Simultaneously, he advised investors to approach company founders with confidence, noting that it’s difficult to find another Apple:

They may be another Apple that you haven’t noticed yet. It is impossible to compute on a spreadsheet. According to U.Today, Wozniak also referred to Bitcoin in a recent interview with Forbes Mexico as “the most incredible mathematical marvel.”

However, in October, he predicted that nations will eventually outlaw Bitcoin: The problem is that the government would never allow it to become uncontrollable. If everything was done in crypto and it did not travel through governments for monitoring, taxes, and so on…governments would just prohibit it.

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