BitBrowser Hacker Sends $386M to Crypto Exchange

Popular Chinese journalist Colin Wu recently tweeted an update to the cryptocurrency world on one of the high-profile attacks that occurred in August.

Reporter Wu mentioned the blockchain security startup SlowMist, which has been keeping a careful eye on the issue. BitBrowser was targeted because it is a popular tool among those who are interested in airdrops.

Wu said that the BitBrowser hackers had sent $236.27 worth of Ethereum tokens to the cryptocurrency exchange eXch.

The money is being sent to a crypto mixer so that the hackers may hide their tracks and then sell the coins on a controlled exchange.

Meanwhile, it’s important to remember that BitBrowser has released a statement admitting to a security lapse. The site warned users that information stored in its cache on BitBrowser’s servers may have been hacked.

The SlowMist team said on Friday that the hacker had transferred $110,000 to fresh addresses on many different blockchains.

As of August 29th, the hacker had transferred over $10,000 to the cryptocurrency exchanges Binance, ChangeNow, and FixedFloat, according to the blockchain security team. The SlowMist crew claimed the fraudster donated a little amount to the troubled cryptocurrency mixer Tornado Cash in a subsequent post.

On August 26, the US authorities filed charges against the creators of Tornado Cash, as reported by Coin Edition. The authorities said the founders worked on a system that is used by fraudsters to conceal the trail of their stolen money.

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